General Information

Methods of Processing The Students and Academic Affairs of the University College provides two methods of processing transcripts for students: Processing Requests are processed within five (5) working days of receipt. Transcripts are mailed upon request utilizing the courier service method (EMS, FedEx) of posting. Please allow maximum of one (1) week for delivery. Methods of Submitting Requests In order to serve you better, the Students and Academic Affairs of the University College provides the follwoing method of transcript request submission: 2. You may submit you request in person or by proxy * Stop by the Students and Academic Affairs to pick up a Transcript Request Form or download and print an Official Academic Transcript Request Form (available in PDF format). * Pay the processing cost at the Cash Office and Attach the Receipt to your completed form. * Drop off your completed transcript request(s) in the Office of the Students and Academic Affairs.

Transcript Requisition Procedure

1) Pay for the cost of the Transcript. 2) Fill out the Transcript Requisition Form 3) Submit the form 4) Allow some time for processing 5) Repeat step 2 if you wish to check on the STATUS of your request anytime after you have submitted your request to our office.

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